Windward Hub FAQ

Common questions and answers on the and files created with the Designers:

What regions is Windward Hub hosted in?#

Windward Hub is hosted in different regions worldwide to allow for data residency and improved performance. We launch new instances after reviewing requests from prospects and customers. Is there a new region you would like us to consider? Please send your request to


What file types are supported in Windward Hub?#

Windward Hub supports upload of the following file types:

  • DOCX
  • XLSX
  • PPTX
  • HTML
  • PDF

Supported Windward Template Types#

Windward Hub supports the following dynamic template file types:

  • DOCX
  • XLSX (Premium and Enterprise tier only)
  • PPTX (Premium and Enterprise tier only)

What's the largest file I can upload to Windward Hub#

Files up to 60 MB large can be uploaded to Windward Hub.

What's the largest file I can generate from Windward Hub#

Template output up to 60 MB large can be generated on Windward Hub.

What are the limitations of Windward Hub's email delivery?#

Email delivery will automatically send Job output to a list of email recipients. When all the documents to be delivered are less than 10 MB together, documents will be delivered individually attached to the email. If the documents together are greater than 10 MB they will be sent as a .zip file. Email delivery can only be configured for a maximum of 25 recipients.

Windward Hub has two types of email delivery:

  • External Email Delivery (included in Premium and Enterprise tiers)
  • Internal Email Delivery (included in Free and Standard tiers)

External Email Delivery#

With external email delivery, any email address can be specified as a recipient of Job output.

Internal Email Delivery#

With internal email delivery, Windward Hub limits what email addresses can be sent Job output:

  • Any email of a user in the Windward Hub organization
  • Any email with the same domain name as the organization admin as long as the organization admin does not have a generic email domain. An example of a generic email domain where this won't work is ""