Connecting Your Data


The HubSpot (BETA) integration will be receiving continuing development. Please send us your feedback on the integration and what you would like to see added in the future at

Connect to your HubSpot Data#

Connecting to your HubSpot data is easy and you can re-use your data connection in the future.

To connect to your data we will:

  1. Acquire a unique identifier for an example Deal that we will use to design our template
  2. Acquire your Hub token from the Hub portal
  3. Use these two values to connect to your data in the Windward Desktop Designer

Step 1: Find the Example Deal#

  1. Log into the HubSpot account you used to authenticate your user (in the "Before you Get Started" section)
  2. Navigate to a Deal in HubSpot that is a good example of a deal you would generate a quote from. For this tutorial, a Deal that has line items, associated contacts, and an associated company will give the best results.
  3. Once you've found a fitting deal, copy this URL:

Not in the US region?#

If you are in a region other than the US, substitute the base URL for the data connection with the URL for your region. The different region URLs can be found here

  1. Copy the unique identifier for your deal and replace it with "DEAL_ID" in the URL: img

Step 2: Retrieve your API Key#

  1. Go to your User Profile in Hub: img
  2. Expand the advanced section: img
  3. Request and reveal your API key: img
  4. Copy your API key and replace it with HUB_API_KEY in the URL.

Step 3: Create a Datasource with Your Custom URL#

You should now have a complete URL where DEAL_ID and HUB_API_KEY have been replaced with your example Deal ID and your personal Hub API Key.

  1. Open Microsoft Word and open a new blank document
  2. Navigate to the "Windward" tab img
  3. On the left side of the ribbon, click on the "Data Sources" button. img
  4. In the Connection Editor that opens, click on the "New" tab and then select the "JSON" data provider img
  5. Give your Datasource a name and enter the URL you built in the previous step for the "File/URL" img
  6. Click "Add," you'll see your data start connecting. After a couple seconds you should see that the connection succeeded. img
  7. Close the Connection Editor and you'll now see the "Data Bin" appear on the left side of your Word Editor: img You can click the "Data Bin" button on the Windward ribbon to open it anytime


You are now officially connected to your data! In the future, you'll see your HubSpot data connection in the "Recent Inactive" section of the Connection Editor to quickly re-connect without repeating these steps.