Customizing Your Quote


The HubSpot (BETA) integration will be receiving continuing development. Please send us your feedback on the integration and what you would like to see added in the future at

Customize Your Quote#

It's time to make this quote beautiful!

Formatting Dollar Values as Currency#

You can easily change the formatting of currency in the Desktop Designer (as well as dates, numbers, and more!)

  1. Place your carrot on the Out Tag in the "Unit Price" column and click "Format Data" under the Windward ribbon: img
  2. In the "Format Data" window that opens, select "Currency" and select an appropriate currency formatting: img
  3. Click "Apply" and close the dialog.
  4. Output your template to see that currency formatting will now be applied to the Unit Price at output: img
  5. Repeat these steps with the Out Tag in the "Total" column to also format it as a currency: img

Adding the Total Quote Amount#

Most quotes aren't complete with a total amount for the quote:

  1. Type the word "Total" in the bottom middle of the Line Items table: img
  2. Drag-and-drop the Deal "amount" property into the cell next to Total: img
  3. Change the formatting on the total quote amount to currency: img
  4. Output to test your changes: img

Adding a Quote Date#

To dynamically output the date a quote was generated:

  1. Type the text "Quote Date" in the bottom left-most cell of the first table: img
  2. Insert an Out Tag in the same cell: img
  3. Windward supports a number of functions, including a "Today" function that always outputs todays date. Put your carrot on the Out Tag and click on the "Equation" button in the Windward ribbon img
  4. Find the "TODAY" function, select it, and click OK. img
  5. Click OK again in the Function Arguments window: this function doesn't require any arguments.
  6. Click Preview to see the date being returned. Notice that the formatting probably isn't what you want in your output document: img
  7. Just like you formatted currency earlier you can also format a Date. Open the Format Date window, go to the Date section, and select a Date formatting that you prefer for your output: img
  8. Generate output to test your changes. img

Improved Table Formatting#

You can get very creative in how you format your tables in Microsoft Word. This will tutorial will provide only a brief overview of table formatting in Word that will help you achieve your desired format.

Bold Column Titles#

  1. Start by bolding all of your title text in your tables: img

Increasing Margins Around Table Content#

  1. To make your tables a little more spacious add some buffering around your text. Highlight all the cells in the table: img
  2. Go to the Table Layout ribbon and click on "Cell Margins" img
  3. Increase the top and bottom margins to 0.05" and click OK. You'll see your table become more spacious in the template: img
  4. Repeat for your second table.

Changing Content Alignment#

  1. Highlight all the cells in the "Total" column of the second table
  2. In the Table Layout ribbon you can change the content alignment to upper-right. img
  3. Repeat this with the "Unit Price" column: img

Add Shading to Title Cells#

  1. Place your cursor in a title cell: img
  2. Under the Table Design ribbon click on Shading and select a color to shade the title cell: img
  3. Repeat this for all your title cells img

Re-size Table Columns#

  1. Click and drag the vertical borders of your table columns to re-size your table to appropriate column ratios: img
  2. Repeat for all your table columns until you are pleased with the template appearance. img

Adjust Table Borders#

  1. You can remove all of your table borders by selecting all the cells of a table: img
  2. And then in the Table Design ribbon clicking on Borders and No Border: img
  3. Do this for both tables: img
  4. You can also add partial borders with the same method. Select the title row of the second table and apply a bottom border: img
  5. Apply borders and shading throughout the template to fit your design: img

Add a Custom Header#

  1. Double click at the top of your template to open the header in Word: img
  2. To have a nicely formatted header, insert a 2X1 table: img
  3. Insert your company logo in the leftmost cell (you can drag it from a file on your computer): img
  4. Add your companies contact information in the right most cell and change it's alignment to be right aligned: img
  5. Remove the borders for the table: img

The Finishing Touch#

  1. To finish off the template, increase the size of your quote title to an appropriate title size: img
  2. Generate output to see your finished quote: img


Now that's a good looking quote! All you need to do now is upload it to Windward Hub under the HubSpot integration and run output from the Windward Hub integration in HubSpot from any Deal to get a custom quote for that Deal!