Setup for HubSpot Integration


The HubSpot (BETA) integration will be receiving continuing development. Please send us your feedback on the integration and what you would like to see added in the future at

This article covers how to setup a Windward Hub organization with the HubSpot integration.

If your org admin already added the integration and you just need to setup your account, read how to setup your user here.

Add the Integration to Your Organization#

Adding the HubSpot integration to your organization is super easy!

All you need to do is:

  1. As an Admin or Organization Admin, go to Admin > Integrations:
  2. Click "Browse Integrations:" img
  3. Next to the "HubSpot (BETA)" integration, click "Add:" img
  4. You'll be brought into HubSpot where you can login to your HubSpot account: img
  5. Log into your account and select the organization you would like to integrate Hub with.
  6. You'll be brought back to Hub and see success that this integration was added to your organization: img

The HubSpot integration is now added to your organization! The next step before using your new integration is to authenticate your user against HubSpot. You can learn to authenticate your HubSpot user here.