Windward Hub Web Designer Basic Guide

This article will cover some of the basic functionality and features of the Windward Hub Web Designer. The topics that will be covered in this article include:

  1. The Auto Save feature
  2. Drag and Drop fields
  3. Generating sample DOCX and PDF output
  4. Downloading the Web Designer template as a Word file

Auto Save#

The Auto Save feature is pretty self explanitory. As you type or make any changes to your Web Designer template, the Web Designer will be automatically saving your changes as you go. You will notice the Auto Saving information at the top left of the Web Designer next to the name of your template.



Autosaving is not instantaneous it can take 4-5 seconds to save your changes.

Drag and Drop#

The Web Designer offers the ability to drag and drop custom fields or data fields from your connected integration objects (i.e. Hubspot or Salesforce objects). On the right side of the Web Designer you will notice the Input Fields section where you can create custom fields to have data inserted upon generation. Another data section may also appear under the Input Fields section if your template is connected to an integration (Salesforce in this case).


Each of the fields shown have the ability to be drag and dropped anywhere in the template. To insert a field simply click on the field you would like to insert into the template, keep the mouse button down and drag it to where you would like it to be in the template and release the mouse button to place the field into your document.

Generate sample output#

In the Hub Web Designer, you have to ability to run your template to DOCX or PDF output to ensure your generated document looks as expected. Generating a document is very simple. On the left side bar in the Web Designer there is a blue Test button. Simply click the Test button.


After you click the Test button, you will be prompted to select the output format as well as enter the data you would like to use for the custom fields you inserted into your template.


If you didn't insert any custom fields you will only be prompted to select an output format.

Once you have entered all necessary info and have selected and output format, click the blue Run button to generate output for your template.


After your template has been generated it will appear in the browser as a file download. Simply open up the downloaded file to view your output.

Downloading your Web Designer template#

If you would like edit one of your Web Designer templates in Microsoft Word, Hub offers the ability to download your template as a DOCX file to be edited on your desktop. To do this, navigate to the Template Library Page and click the View Versions button next to the template you would like to download to edit in Microsoft Word.


Once you are on the template details page, you will see a gear icon next to each version of the template you have. To download the template click the gear icon and select the Download option from the drop down menu.


This will download the template as a DOCX file in your browser.


If you download a Web Designer specific template and edit in Microsoft Word and re-upload it to Windward Hub, the template is no longer a Web Designer specific template and won't be able to be edited in the Web Designer.


Its important to note templates that were either created or edited in Microsoft Word at any point will no longer be considered Web Designer templates and cannot be edited by the Web Designer.