Hub User Roles

Windward Hub has a set of predefined user roles to help organizations define tasks and use cases for each of their users. Roles can be set when adding a new user to an organization or can be modified by the Organization Admin or Admin under the Admin >

User Role Types#

Organization Admin#

The Organization Admin is the top level admin for an organization. This role has access to everything Hub has to offer. There are no restrictions in place for the Organization Admin.


The Admin role is one level below the Organization Admin. The Admin has all of the same capabilities as the Organization Admin with the exception of managing billing and the hub store.


The User role is the most general role. This role has access to everything minus the Admin capabilities. The Admin tab will be hidden for the User and they won't have access to store/billing, user creation/assignment, or managing integrations. However they do have access to all template, job, scheduling and output capabilties.

Template Creator#

The Template Creator is a role designed purely for template access. This role only has the ability to:

  • Upload, edit and view templates.

Template Runner#

The Template Runner is a role designed for running template and jobs to output. This role only has the ability to:

  • View and run templates or jobs to output
  • View template/job output

The Template Runner cannot interact with schedules.

Template Publisher#

The Template Publisher is a role for managing templates and jobs. This role has the ability to:

  • View and publish templates
  • Create, edit and view jobs
  • Create, edit and view schedules