Scheduling Jobs

Windward Hub offers scheduling capabilities for Jobs that need to run on a recurrence.


Scheduling is only available on Premium tier and higher. For more information, please see our pricing page

How to Schedule a Job#

To schedule a Job

  1. Find the Job you wish to schedule in Windward Hub and click "View Details:" img
  2. Click on "Schedule" button for the Job img

You can now create your schedule with the different options listed bellow. Recurring schedules can be scheduled between a start and end date.

One Time Schedules#

One time schedules will run only once on the specified date. This is best when you want a Job to output in the future, but without any recurrence.

Daily Schedules#

Daily schedules will run every day at a certain time. If you wish to limit which days of the week your schedule runs on, you can use a weekly schedule instead of a daily schedule.

Weekly Schedules#

Weekly schedules run every week on the week days specified in the schedule.

Monthly Schedules#

A monthly schedule offers advanced configuration of Jobs that recur on either a monthly basis or after multiple months.

With a monthly schedule you can configure:

  • A week day for the Job to run
  • An occurrence of that day in the month to run on (like the first, the second, the last, etc.)
  • After how many months the schedule should recur

You can, for example, schedule a Job to run on the last Monday of every three months.


Start Date#

This is the date that a recurring schedule will come into effect.

End Date#

If set, a recurring schedule will no longer output after this date.

No End Date#

Instead of setting a End Date, a recurring schedule can be set to have No End Date. This means the Job will continue to output on the recurrence forever.

Schedule FAQs#

If a schedule a Job that requires input parameters, what happens when that Job outputs on a schedule?#

A Job with input parameters when output on a schedule will use the default value for any input parameter when it outputs.