Unsupported Desktop Designer Functionality

Not all of the Windward Desktop Designer functionality is compatible with Windward Hub. Some features that might be compatible in with our Windward Engine when embedded into a custom application are available in the Windward Desktop Designer but cannot be used with Hub. Please find a list of unsupported Windward Desktop Designer Functionality bellow.


Any Datasources outside of the supported Datasources below are not supported in Windward Hub.

Supported Datasources are:

  • Salesforce
  • JSON (accessed over HTTP)
  • XML (accessed over HTTP)
  • OData
  • PostgreSQL

Local File Access#

File access on Windward Hub is restricted to file access over HTTP or via integration. If your Template is accessing files at a local file path to your machine (they could be data files, sub Templates, images, etc.), these files will not be accessible when your Template is output on Windward Hub.

If you wish for your Template to access files at output, please be sure that your files are accessible over the internet at the location specified in your Template.

Input Parameters#

The Select input parameter is not supported in Windward Hub.

Custom Functions#

No custom functions are supported on Windward Hub.

Error Handling and Verify#

Windward Hub will not process run Error Handling/Verify at output.

Use Office for PDF Output#

Windward Hub only offers Windward native PDF output and cannot be configured with the "Use Office for PDF Output" setting.

Local Fonts#

Windward Hub cannot use local fonts at output.

Output Formats#

The following output formats are not supported on Windward Hub:

  • Printer
  • TXT
  • ESP
  • SVG
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF


Queries on Datasets in a Windward Template will not work in Windward Hub.