Windward Desktop Designer FAQ

Common questions and answers on the Windward Desktop Designer:

How do I update the version of Designer my template was designed in?#

In order to use your templates with the Windward Hub, the templates need to be associated with the current version of the Windward Desktop Designer supported on Windward Hub. Don't worry if you created a template in an earlier version of the Desktop Designer, updating it is easy.

First, you may notice if you try to run a batch that contains a template that was created before the currently supported version, you will be notified that the template version is not supported.

Updating the Template#

  1. Open your desired template in the Windward Desktop Designer (you can download the Desktop Designer from the Windward Hub -> Desktop Designer tab to be sure you have the right version). Next, click on the "Windward" ribbon and click the Data Sources button.
  2. Make sure the Active datasource on the left sidebar is selected.
  3. Then all you have to do is click the "Update" button in the bottom right corner of the Connection Editor.

Now you can save your template. You can either override your existing template or save it as a new template. Then upload your new template to the Windward Hub and you will be all set to create a batch with your newly-updated template.