Billing and Configuration

Need More Monthly Output?#

If your use case for Windward Hub has grown and your organization needs to increase your usage limits, there are a couple ways to increase your usage in Hub. Depending on how your usage is changing, you may want to upgrade your Windward Hub usage tier or you may want to enable overages in Windward Hub.

Upgrading your Windward Hub Tier#

If your regular usage of Windward Hub has grown the best thing to do is to upgrade your Windward Hub tier. Whether this is from Free to Standard or Standard to Premium, upgrading your Windward Hub tier will increase your usage limits every month. To check that your new tier will satisfy your usage requirements, please read our Windward Hub Pricing found either on our website ( or in the Store inside of Windward Hub.

Enabling Overages in Windward Hub#

If your regular usage of Windward Hub has remained the same but you are experiencing occasional or unpredictable spikes in usage the best thing to do is enable overages on your current Windward Hub tier (paid tiers only). Overages will charge an added cost for all usage over your tier's standard limit.


Overages are intended to handle unexpected spikes in Windward Hub usage without shutting down core functions of Windward Hub. If you expect regular usage to go above your tier's usage limit it may be more cost efficient to upgrade your tier.

How to Upgrade Your Windward Hub Tier#

To upgrade your Windward Hub tier:

  1. In Windward Hub, go to Admin > Store img
  2. Click "Upgrade" for the tier you wish to purchase. img

When you upgrade your tier:

  • Your organizations usage limits will immediately be increased to the new tier.
  • Your organization will receive a pro-rated charge for the upgrade based on how much time is left in your billing cycle.

After upgrading your Windward Hub tier, you cannot downgrade your tier.

How to Enable Overages#

To enable overages on your Windward Hub organization:

  1. In Windward Hub, go to Admin > Organization
  2. In the "Advanced" section, click the slider next to the desired overages (ex. "Output Pages Overage") img

How to Stop Being Billed for Windward Hub#

If you don't wish to be billed for Windward Hub anymore, you can delete your organization as documented bellow.

If you still wish to use Hub on the Free tier, you are welcome to create a new organization for free.

How to Delete your Windward Hub Organization#


If you have any Templates or other documents on Windward Hub that you want to keep, you must download those files before deleting your organization. Once you delete your organization, all data stored on Windward Hub will be permanently erased.

If you no longer wish to use Windward Hub, your organization admin can delete their Windward Hub organization by:

  1. Going to Admin > Organization
  2. In the "Advanced" section, click "Delete This Organization" img

Deleting your organization cannot be undone. All of your data in Hub will be deleted permanently and cannot be retrieved. All of your organizations user accounts will be deleted. All Windward Designers licensed through your Hub organization will be deactivated. Your organization will no longer be billed on your renewal date.