Windward Hub Basic API

The Windward Hub basic API allows users to make custom integrations.

What is the Basic API?#

The Windward Hub basic API is an API available in all Windward Hub tiers and allows users to make basic custom integrations with Windward Hub. Some examples of what you can do with the basic API are:

  • Get a list of templates in your Windward Hub organization
  • Run a template to output
  • Check the status of a template being processed to output
  • Get notified when template output finishes
  • Retrieve finished template output

Accessing My Region#

To access our API for different regions of Hub, please reference the table below:


API Request Limits#

For information regarding API request limits, please reference the table below:

Free TierStandard and Premium TiersEnterprise
Requests per 30 seconds100500Customize to fit your needs
Requests per hour10005000Customize to fit your needs
Request Size Limit1 MB4 MBCustomize to fit your needs

Note: Requests per hour is reset each hour on the hour. If an hourly limit is hit at 4:59 pm, your limit will still be reset at 5:00 pm.

API Documentation#

Windward Hub's API documentation is managed on SwaggerHub: