Welcome to Windward Hub: a purpose built SaaS platform for document automation.

Best-in-class document automation, at the click of a button#

  • Statements
  • Proposals
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Agreements
  • Sales decks
  • Packing slips
  • Narrative Reports
  • Audit reports
  • Many, many, more...

Windward Hub is a SaaS document automation solution from Windward Studios. For the first time, the power of the legendary Windward Engine is being wrapped in a beautiful user interface. Now users with no pre-existing application can harness industry leading document automation with absolutely no development effort.

The Windward Hub emphasizes centralization of user templates for a collaborative template design and management experience, as well as integrations with the SaaS tools users depend on. The Windward Desktop Designer and Windward Engine have led the industry in ease of design, ease of maintenance, output performance, and output formatting. Now all the same benefits are available to Hub users, with zero setup required. The most sophisticated document automation now with the easiest deployment. Just turn it on, and start revolutionizing your companies documents!


  • Connect to multiple Datasources.
    • In addition to native Windward Hub integrations (read more here), Windward supports:
      • MSSQL
      • JSON
      • XML
      • OData
      • PostgreSQL
      • Interested in more supported data types? Please contact


  • Support of multiple template formats
    • DOCX
    • XLSX
    • PPTX


  • Support of multiple output formats
    • DOCX
    • PDF
    • HTML
    • XLSX
    • PPTX



In addition to standalone capabilities, Windward Hub offers native integrations with:

  • Salesforce
  • More coming soon!

Windward Hub also has a Zapier integration and a public API available for users to build custom integrations.


Windward Hub consists of two main components: The Windward Hub Portal where you manage Templates and Output, and the Windward Desktop Designer where you design your dynamic Templates.

Windward Hub Portal Features#

Some of our notable Windward Hub features include:

  • Manually generate output
  • Scheduled output
  • Document versioning
  • Configurable document delivery
    • Output stored in Windward Hub
    • Internal email delivery of output
    • Output uploaded to 3rd party apps
  • An included document automation API

Desktop Designer Features#

The Windward Desktop Designer is a plugin to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Some notable features of the Desktop Designer include:

  • Maintaining native Office functionalities in output:
    • Table of Contents
    • Tables
    • Charts
    • Page breaks
    • Page numbering
    • Section breaks
    • Image formatting

About Windward Studios#

Windward Studios’ document automation software set of applications are all built on the Windward Core which consists of an easy-to-use free-form Template Designer and powerful DocGen Engine that connects your data and document templates for high-performance output.