21.8.0 Release Notes

Adam Austin

Product Manager @ Windward Studios

The 21.8.0 release of Windward Hub contains an upgraded Engine, an integration with the Windward Desktop Designer, and a new Sample Template Library as well as other improvements. Released on May 17th, 2021.

Upgraded Document Generation Engine#

The Windward Engine has been upgrade to the 21.0 version. The Desktop Designer install on Windward Hub has been updated to 21.0 along with the Engine upgrade.

Engine Roll-back Capabilities for Template Versions#

Users who have template versions using deprecated Engine functionality can now specify a specific version of the Windward Engine to be used in outputting that version. All versions of a template will default to outputting against the latest Engine release unless otherwise specified in Hub.

Sample Template Library#

Users can now use our Sample Template Library for examples of what Windward templates can do or inspiration for their own documents and designs.

Multi-line Email Bodies#

For email delivery, users can now use newlines in their email bodies.

Performance Improvements#

This release contains incremental improvements to Windward Hub's performance.

Paginate the Documents Page During Job Configuration#

When configuring a Job users are prompted to select templates from their Team for the Job. This page is now paginated when there are over 25 templates to select from.

Speed Up the Initial Application Load Time#

Speed up the time for the application to load when first browsed to.