21.6.0 Release Notes

Adam Austin

Product Manager @ Windward Studios

The 21.6.0 release contains the long awaited Date Input Parameter, the first of our portal performance improvements, and added notifications. Released on April 13th, 2021.

Support for the Date Input Parameter#

Windward Hub now supports templates with the Date Input Parameter.

Performance Improvements#

This release contains incremental improvements to Windward Hub's performance.

Paginate the Document Library#

The Document Library now loads only 25 records but allows the user to load additional records.

Speed up the Document Library#

The Document Library has been refined to offer improved performance.

Finished Output Shows in the Notification Drop Down#

In addition to output banners when output finishes, Windward Hub now also displays a notification when output for your user finishes processing.

Support for Uploading Salesforce Templates to the General Integration#

Past versions of Hub only allowed uploading templates with Salesforce data connections to the Salesforce Subscription (pre 21.1.0 release) or Salesforce integration (21.1.0-21.5.0 releases). Users can now upload templates with a Salesforce data connection to the General integration as well as the Salesforce integration.


The General integration does not support integrated authentication with Windward Hub. Templates uploaded to the General integration will use the Salesforce data connection specified in the template instead of integrated authentication for the user running output.