21.16.0 Release Notes

Connor Shore

Software Developer @ Windward Studios

The main focus of this release was addition of user roles into Hub to give an organization more control over who can perform certain tasks.

User Roles#

Role Types#

  • Organization Admin Role
    • Has access to everything Hub has to offer
  • Admin Role
    • Access to everything except billing/store
  • User Role
    • Access to everything except billing/store and admin capabilities such as creating/assigning users to organization
  • Template Runner Role
    • Can only run and view templates/jobs as well as view output
  • Template Creator Role
    • Can upload, edit and view templates
  • Template Publisher Role
    • Can view and publish templates, create, edit and view jobs, as well as create, edit and view schedules

For additional information on User Roles check out the User Roles page

Web Designer Improvments#

  • Apply cell,-alignment to content within a table cell

Miscellaneous Changes and Improvments#

  • Can query Salesforce custom connection objects with the Hub Public API
  • Email delivery with jobs restricted to 20mb in size