21.12.0 Release Notes

Sean Smith

Software Developer @ Windward Studios

This latest release includes our largest feature addition ever… a fully browser-based Template Designer! The Web Designer is currently limited to HubSpot data and “Fill in the blank” templates but we will be adding more data sources soon. Released on August 10th, 2021.

The Web Designer#

To access the new Document Template Web Designer, simply click the “Create Web Designer Template” button at the top of the Document Library screen. If you have questions, issues or requests related to the Web Designer or Hub, please use the in-app Support menu option and someone will respond to you shortly.

Cosmetic Email Improvements#

Emails originating from Hub from account registration to password reset have received a facelift.

Free Tier Changes#

The Free Tier Hub Plan is now strictly focused on the Web Designer, and the monthly output page limit has been increased to 500 pages.