21.0.0 Release Notes

Adam Austin

Product Manager @ Windward Studios

Multiple email recipients, PPTX support, upload delivery to Salesforce records, and an upgraded Engine. Released on January 19th, 2021.

Added PPTX Support to Standard Subscription#

Users in the Standard Subscription can now upload PowerPoint templates to Hub.

Multiple Recipients for Internal Email Delivery#

Users can now specify multiple recipients for their internal email delivery.

Upload Job Output to the Salesforce Record#

The Salesforce Subscription has a new delivery method that uploads output from the job to the record in Salesforce.

Upgraded Document Generation Engine#

The Document Generation Engine for Hub was upgraded to the Windward Engine version Templates developed in this version can now be uploaded to Hub.

Usability Improvements#

  • New screens to help users upload templates and create jobs who don't have any
  • Made it easier to unpublish the published version of a template by adding a button