20.9.0 Release Notes

Adam Austin

Product Manager @ Windward Studios

Final UI redesign and a webhook for the included API. The release also changes some functionality around input parameter defaults in Hub. Released on December 22nd, 2020.

REMOVED: Ability to Override Input Parameter Default Values in Job Configuration#

The ability to override input parameter default values in Job configuration was found to cause a risk when publishing new versions of templates. By removing the ability to override these default values in Hub the template can remain the single source of truth on not only what values need to be input to the template, but also all details regarding those input parameters.

Support has been added in Hub to use the default values for input parameters as they are specified in the template. Please use this method of specifying input parameter default values going forward and update the default values by updating the template itself then uploading and publishing a new template version.

Webhook for Finished Output Added to API#

This added webhook allows users to subscribe to a specific template in a specific Hub team and configure a callback anytime that template is output. This allows users to write custom forms of delivery and can deliver output anytime it is finished.

This endpoint only works for output of individual templates in Hub, not jobs.

Read more in our API documentation: https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/Windward-Studios/windward-hub-included-api/

Re-Designed UI#

This release contains the final round of refreshed UI pages:

  • Edit Jobs
  • Admin Dashboard (this dashboard was moved to the Admin section of the sidebar)
  • Billing Info
  • Scheduled Job Details
  • Organization Registration Process (multiple pages)
  • Invited user signup process
  • Modals
  • Upload Template
  • Input Parameters
  • Feedback
  • Update template
  • About
  • New Team
  • Report Designer
  • Confirm publishing new document version
  • Usability Improvements
  • Prevent upload of a template using a local Datasource
  • Real time field validation on the Billing Info page