20.7.0 Release Notes

Adam Austin

Product Manager @ Windward Studios

UI Redesign#

This release includes the first round of UI redesign including a new design for the:

  • Job Details page
  • Output Detail page
  • Configuring a new Job
  • Document Template Detail page
  • User Profile page
  • Upload Template modal dialog
  • Output exception modal dialog
  • Hub Public API
  • This release includes the first round of Hub public API functionality. Specifically API endpoints were added to Hub to:

Get a list of templates the user has access to#

Run a template to output The user can acquire an API token from the Hub User Profile page.

Documentation for the Hub Included API can be found here.

Usability Improvements#

This release included some usability improvements including:

  • A clearer message when a user exceeds their monthly page limit
  • Real-time field validation on the Billing Info step of organization registration