20.5.0 Release Notes

Adam Austin

Product Manager @ Windward Studios

Support XLSX Templates in the Standard Subscription#

Support will be added to the Standard Subscription for XLSX templates.

Re-Designed UI#

This release includes the first round of UI redesign including a new design for the:

  • Document Library
  • Jobs page
  • Scheduled Jobs page
  • Output History page
  • Side-bar menu

Changes to Email Attachment Methods#

Attachments to emails sent from Hub will be attached individually up to 20 megabytes. After 20 megabytes of total attachment size attachments will be zipped instead of individually attached.

Templates Limited to One Published Version#

Templates now can only have one published version at a time. The published template version will be the one used for output in any Job using that template.

Added Email Sent Banner#

When output is sent via email delivery a banner appears telling the user the email has been sent.