20.3.0 Release Notes

Adam Austin

Product Manager @ Windward Studios

Template Support Upgraded to 20.1.1#

The Hub Engine was upgraded to the 20.1.1 release and will now support templates designed in the the Windward Desktop Designer version 20.1.1.


We recommend that users upgrade their Desktop Designers to 20.1.1 to synchronize with the Engine upgrade in our 20.3 Hub release.

Output Error Logging Additions#

All subscriptions will see added error logging capabilities. These store template errors and help users track errors that occurred in their template during output.

Users Can Send Runtime Output Errors to a Specific Email#

If users wish to receive an email if their Job has an error, this can now be configured in the Job.

When configuring a Job, users can specify an email to receive runtime output errors. An email will be sent to this address when any output error occurs in the Job output.

Various Usability Improvements#

Usability improvements and additions include:

  1. Renaming tabs for usability: Document Templates -> Document Library and Package Templates -> Jobs and Schedules -> Scheduled Jobs.
  2. Removed technical columns from Document Library.
  3. Ability to request new email confirmation link if first has expired.
  4. Streamlined output from Jobs screen.
  5. Output success status is added to "Output History" table.
  6. Users can sort "Output History" table on the different columns by ascending/descending.
  7. Users can delete schedules.
  8. All schedules associated to a Job are deleted when the Job is deleted.
  9. Users can edit their user information.
  10. Improved indication in Document Library on how to view versions of a documents.
  11. Simplified experience of uploading a template to Salesforce.