20.1.0 Release Notes

Adam Austin

Product Manager @ Windward Studios

The Salesforce Subscription#

The Salesforce Subscription was released in this version!

This subscription enables Salesforce users to leverage Windward Hub document automation from inside of the Salesforce portal.

Support for DOCX Templates#

This release supports use of Windward DOCX templates created in version of Windward

Organize Templates for Output in Package Templates#

Users can select multiple Windward Templates and static files to include in a Package Template. Package Templates can be output as a unit where all Templates are output and all static files are included with the output.

Input Parameter Support#

Templates with input parameters of type currency, integer, number, and text are supported.

When configuring a package template, users can specify default input parameter values for templates in the package that have supported input parameters. Users can specify values other than the defaults when running the package template.

A input parameter of type text with name "uniqueID" (case sensitive) will receive the context dynamically passed from Salesforce. Read more bellow here.

Output Package Template's from Inside Hub#

Users can select a Package Template and run from inside Hub.

Salesforce Integration as a Connected App#

Users can create a connected app in Salesforce and connect Hub to their Salesforce portal. Learn how to setup Hub as a connected app in Salesforce Classic Experience here and Salesforce Lightning Experience here.

Salesforce Context Dynamically Passed to Hub: Account, Contact, and Opportunity#

Users can create a custom button in Salesforce that will pass a unique identifier for the record they are currently on in Salesforce. Support for passing a unique identifier for the record was added for account, contact, and opportunity records.

Learn how to add a custom button to request document output in Salesforce Classic Experience here and in Salesforce Lightning Experience here.

Learn how to create a template and run it from inside Salesforce here.

Add, Manage, and Remove Users#

Admin management functionalities to add new and existing users to their subscriptions, remove users from subscriptions, and remove users from their organization.